The Refinance Advisor

Mortgage Refinancing:  How to Get Started

Rates are really low right now and it is a great time to refinance. But first you must consider the costs and whether or not there will be enough benefit to justify the time and cost of refinancing your home.

I will help you determine that!

The market is incredible right now. It is not unusual to see people reduce their payments by 15-25% by using a no-cost refi! Call me and we’ll go over your situation and see if this is something you should be doing. How do you decide if refinancing is right for you? I’ll explain your new payment and what the fees will be. We’ll gladly tell you if it is not the best option for you because I am not interested in doing a loan for you if it doesn’t make good financial sense. But we are seeing a huge reduction in payments at these rates. And as appraisals are coming in higher now, a lot more people are qualifying this year.

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Refinance Advisor

Refinance Advisor