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Stone Creek Mortgage can make all the difference!, when you’re looking for a mortgage to buy a new property or refinance an existing property.

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10% Down Jumbo to $1.2 Million for purchase or Refinance loans

FHA or VA refinance loans with no appraisal fees

Stone Creek Mortgage spends an extraordinary amount of time learning about its customers’ lives and needs. After all, this is probably the biggest investment of your life.  Stone Creek Mortgage understands that borrowers are as unique as their homes. We know that with all of the options and responsibilities that you are presented with, this process may be a bit daunting. Therefore, we answer your needs by tailoring your financing to your personal profile including factors such as your current income, expectation of future earnings, assets, credit history, and duration of property ownership. With this information we work with many different lenders and programs, because choices are what this process is all about.

Whatever your credit situation, whether your credit is perfect or not so perfect, we’ll find the right lender, and the right loan or if you are not quite ready, we’ll give you the plan to put you on the path to homeownership.

Stone Creek Mortgage funds loans for primary homes, vacation homes, investment properties, purchases, refinances, home equity loans and lines of credit. Stone Creek Mortgage has been built one customer at a time, by maintaining superior and professional service.  This is our commitment to our customers. When you choose Stone Creek Mortgage, you are dealing with a leader in the industry that will treat you with the highest standards of integrity.

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