Why Choose Us?

Best Denver Mortgage

Choosing the Best Mortgage Company in Denver. So why Choose Us?

We beat most quotes and that’s the reason most people start working with us. And they continue to work with us because of excellent service, good communication, and low rates and fees. This is a great way to choose the best Denver mortgage company.

No two borrowers are the same. We understand that you are more than a mortgage application. We look at your financing needs in terms of who you are and what you need. We factor in such elements as current income, expectation of future earnings, assets, credit history, and duration of property ownership.

Using all of this information, we match you with the best lender and program. We work with many lenders and use many loan programs, because choices are what this whole process is all about.

We believe that Stone Creek Mortgage is the right choice for you, when you’re seeking a Denver mortgage, because we take the time to get to know you and work with you to get the right loan.

Most mortgage lenders can get you “a loan.”  The problem is that many lenders are satisfied if they get you “into a home.”

We’re focused on your long-term financial well-being. We’re helping you buy a property that is going to be a major part of your life for the foreseeable future, and we want that future to be the best it can possibly be. We don’t think that’s good enough.  We believe that our job is to create a profile of you as a unique homebuyer, and use that profile to find the absolute best loan for your needs. Our job is to make sure that the mortgage we arrange will suit you now, and in the future.

One of our clients tells a story about calling us, after talking with his bank, just to make sure their rate was reasonable. We worked with him to get a better mortgage. He closed on time and saved over $5,000. These results are typical. We work with our customers to get them the best mortgage, save them money, and make the whole process go smoothly.

At Stone Creek Mortgage, we know that our customers are the reason we’re here, and we work very hard to make sure every customer gets exactly what they need. We’re there for you to make sure you get excellent results.

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